So guys, that's it, I finally descided to release some information about AOSPA 3.+.
For those of you who don't know yet, ParanoidAndroid isn't based on CyanogenMod sources any more (since 2.56) but on AOSP. Whereas this definitely is an improvement for Nexus devices, it's a pain to ensure the compatibility with non-AOSP and especially with legacy devices like the HTC Desire.
But I didn't wait for others to do the job and, as soon as PA uploaded their sources to, worked intensively on this project for the last week.
The result is a buildable and mostly usable base that is beeing compiled in this very moment,
This does NOT mean you'll see a ROM the next few days, but I think it's important to let you know about the status as soon as I saw the lights at the end of the tunnel. I could have told you earlier, but I wanted to avoid ending as someone who announces but doesn't deliver.
If you want to check out the latest news about ParanoidAndroid, please visit their g+, I highly recommend you to read it.
Forthermore, check out my new github(.com/woh)! I will upload some commits soon, at the moment it's not buildable yet, later this will be the ROM that's the closest to AOSP plus the incredible innovations of PA, adding the Hybrid engine, Per-App
- DPI/Layout, now extended*
- Statusbar/NavigationBar color
- Tablet/Phablet & Phone UI, apply without rebooting
- Expanded Desktop, use Navbar only when needed
- PIE, the latest invention, it's so hot, you can't even describe it, watch it in action here!

* Some apps even change DPI & Layout when you're switching to landscape
1/21/2013 05:46:35 pm

Thank you very much for your hard work!!
ParanoidAndroid Best rom for HTC Desire!!


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