Jesus Christ, that was a lot of work, but nevertheless, it's working now :)
Things that already work:
- Base ROM
- Display
- Audio
- Camera
- Videocam
- SD-mount

I'm assumming these work, but they need some more testing:
- WiFi- Bluetooth
- a2sd
- Video playback
- Bravo CDMA support

These are partially working:
- UMS, sometimes doesn't show up I think
- PaPrefs: working, but permissions aren't set correctly
- Notification buttons

To Do:
- Merge more stuff back to PA: Bravo has already been added to their sources, but all the legacy stuff like a2sd, some additions like Termial, the whole framework compatibility changes, the gsm support for old RIL and so much more.
- Gapps: Space is still an issue on our devices. I will probably work with drewis' extgapps solution, but it still has to be written and adjusted
Huzaifa Naeem
2/1/2013 23:11:35


HTC Desire rooter
11/27/2013 18:44:52

Great work fine. To mount the SD just run this script in android windows.

su a2sd xdata....y.... y


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